Pediatric Counseling Services

I work with kids, teens, and their families on nutrition issues like weight management, food allergies, picky eating, and everything in between. All patients and families are welcome to follow me on my social media pages to keep up with nutrition tips, recipes, and videos in-between one-on-one appointments! 

I am offering telehealth services during the COVID19 pandemic. Send me a message to inquire!

What to expect at your appointment

Your first visit with me is 1 hour in length. I'll spend some time getting to know you or your child; hobbies, family, and anything else you want me to know! From there a detailed diet recall is obtained so I can get a true picture of your daily eating habits. We'll do lots of education and I'll answer any questions you have. I always put together a structured, individualized plan for you with clear guidance on what to focus on before your next visit.